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Fix for LP bug 1404090

A fix for LP bug 1404090 by disabling HBase rowset vsbb access

if executor predicates exist. This will make the getColumn tests pass in

jdbc test suite found during daily build regression.

Change-Id: I1283c0d2dd8f5d50be77b3b95af018598af4b82c

LP 1410965 Old schemas do not show after upgrade.

upgrade was not creating schema objects

for older objects. That has been fixed.

Change-Id: I455d9d0f0b6ed5bf068f0cbc72a3721de391d3dc

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Update release number to 1.0.0

Includes test changes for matching major/minor number of DB (trafodion/core).

Also DB product name test updated. Per Arvind:

This comment could be taken out now. Both return Trafodion with

commit a3a91d16fc6bb53a66fe544362ed5a3e0472ca19

Change-Id: I3233853543c7c3c783097b718ba7163866d8368a

Fix for bug 1355032

Problem is that SPJ result set virtual table could not resolve column

names when same column names exists in two different tables. The

problem is in binder as SPJ result set virtual table columns names were

not renamed in table desc. Because of this when two tables were joined

in an SPJ that have the same column names and could not be resolved.

Renamed SPJ virtual table column names to C1, C2, C3.....

Change-Id: Iabd1e8d2e4aadaca344ee47c07b66e38b641b996

Fix for intermittent executor/TEST130 failure

The initialization of og4cpp was missing in the mxlobsrvr process.

Added the initialization step to the "main" funtion jsut like it's done

for other SQL processes and it now does not core the lobsrvr process.

Change-Id: Id886a4e1baf0390c97d2fcf7c7503bbceb2d37dd

Update release number to 1.0.0

Change-Id: Ib998d1d3fff8c6024ca8637cf03acc7c37d2ba74


This change fixes a bug which can happen when more than one

indexes are created with the no populate option. Before this

fix, when the indexes are populated, the DDL code would

incorrectly return without populating some index.

Change-Id: I42f02d285b7d9c4606cfeefda852480eb4b6bdf3

Closes-Bug: #1396793

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Trafodion repository fixes

Ability to query 3 repository tables and visual query plan.

Change-Id: Iedfb3c879d6d7f2c1c0a66472a9ae28ad7d64eb9

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  1. … 84 more files in changeset.

DROP SCHEMA CASCADE now drops all libraries, functions, procedures, and

sequence generators ina schema. Previously only tables, views, and

indexes were dropped.

DROP TABLE CASCADE and DROP VIEW CASCADE now drop dependent views

located in schemas other than the schema containing the table or

view being dropped.

DROP LIBRARY now supports the CASCADE option, and drops any dependent

functions or SPJs (procedures).

This delivery fixes Launchpad bugs 1350540 1353757 1392081 1393888

Change-Id: I029b9579f81ce7472560dd1c490fab8410141805

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Merge "Standardized logging formats with optimized tracing, plus INFO checks"

Merge "Fix for bug #1409223 MXOSRVR coring during startup"

Fix for bug 1409939 create table like does not handle salt option

showddl does not display salt clause for table that was created via

'create using n partitions'.

There are really two issues here. First, the condition to salt the

target table in CREATE TABLE LIKE is too restrictive (requires with

PARTITIONS clause). Fixed that. Second, we accept additional table

attributes in CREATE TABLE LIKE but we don't actually process them -

yet. Added a new error to indicate that.

Change-Id: Ia82322b4f587674257e888a080420e3d41031e31

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Fixed security issues with showstats & update stats

Related to LP bug 1401330

As part of fixing bug 1401330, found two issues:

-- core dump while performing showstats by a non DB__ROOT user

-- an indentity with MANAGE_STATISTICS privilege gets unexpected error

during an update statistics command.

Patch set 1:

Since the authentication check was move, now it needs to

deallocate the EHI structure.

Change-Id: Ib295064e45aec26a3650f712131d6f803203494a

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Merge "additional fix to LP 1408504"

Merge "Fix for bug 1395212"

Merge "fix lp 1392099 (cqd hive_max_varchar_length)"

Fix for bug #1409223 MXOSRVR coring during startup

This fixes bugs #1409223 and 1409224 where some of the MXOSRVRs core

during dcsstart since the new thread for repository continues to run and

invokes SQL calls even after the main thread terminated for some


Fixes bug 1409223

Fixes bug 1409224

Change-Id: I4cd2404c04e5b967ae27ec6580d8649b058aa0f6

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additional fix to LP 1408504

fixed output of 'get version of software' to display that

metadata need to be upgraded.

Removed an unneeded error entry that was a leftover.

Change-Id: I8f3117fd643eff5c157bba57e0ac75b9ba1bb9c0

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Merge "LP and other fixes. Details below."

Merge "Skip running catman1/TEST138"

Standardized logging formats with optimized tracing, plus INFO checks

Change-Id: I06694f9a2987eb9f9c707b9c8c07213d5237a07c

Merge "Fixes for log file reader UDF"

fix lp 1392099 (cqd hive_max_varchar_length)

There are two contribuing factors.

1. A fully specified partition requirement (partition of 1) in

FileScan::synthHiveScanPhysicalProperty() is not recognized

and a modification of the ESPs renders the partition requirement

not satisfiable.

2. The reduction in CQD value for hive_max_varchar_length reduces

the dop from 5 to 1. In Exchange::createContextForChild(), a dop of

1 renders the parallel version of plan infeasible (see line near 2004

on test "rppForMe->getCountOfPipelines() > 1").

The fix is to address issue #1.

Added a safety check for ApproximatelyNPartitions and improvement

for hive sampling logic.

remove update to cg/TEST011

Change-Id: Idbf24be0b00b336dbac93afdddb6896ed0937e23

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LP and other fixes. Details below.

-- LP 1408504: Any sql operation done when trafodion is uninitialized or

needs to be upgraded will return error. Until now, some commands

(like get schemas, invoke) were not returning an error.

-- LP 1408506: metadata upgrade was not handling repository tables

and was failing. That has been fixed.

-- index related commands (create, populate) now run in multiple phases.

Metadata update within a xn and row population without a xn.

-- common methods have been added that can be called to begin and

end transactions.

-- HYBRID_QUERY_CACHE cqd is now off by default

Change-Id: I99ef2548998b1a6830d4332db09080df5bcfc1c1

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Skip running catman1/TEST138

Sometimes catman1/TEST138 fails with authorization errors on the

Hortonworks platform. There is no plan to fix this issue for release

9.1 so we are skipping the test. LP bug 1408155 has been created to

track this issue.

Change-Id: If7cfd67ed85be40a581de79a89a9d1dd1bc7c564

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Merge "Fixes for SQL security"

Fix for bug 1409128

Reworked the code to delete Compiler Contexts (CmpContext) from

the Trafodion SQL Engine CLI contexts (ContextCli). Now all the

CmpContexts created in a ContextCli are deallocated when it is deleted

as part of JDBC disconnect call.

Earlier, the code was deallocating the current CmpContext alone. However

the current CmpContext may not be from the current ContextCli. This was

causing the deallocated memory to be referenced again.

Change-Id: Ia957f17a8733e528495107b097d29bdc92d7bf95

Merge "Fix build errors for SQL compiler GUI"

Fixes for SQL security

LP bugs fixed:

1392805 – DB_ROOT incorrectly gets “NOT AUTHORIZED” messages

1398546 – revoke priv from role fails when view is present

1401233 – USAGE privilege not checked when creating procedure (and

revoking privileges)

1403995 – Update stats failures due to schema PUBLIC_ACCESS_SCHEMA

1401683 – (Partial) DDLoperations see error 8841 about transaction

started by SQL

Regressions updated:

catman1/TEST135 & EXPECTED138

catman1/EXPECTED138 (fix in common/ComUser.cpp)

Bug descriptions:


Changed create view code to allow DB__ROOT to create views. Some

reorganization required to make sure create view sets the updatatable

and insertable privilege correctly. This also fixed the problem where

the incorrect privileges were set when created by DB__ROOT.


Sqlcomp/PrivMgrPrivileges.h (sets default privileges)


The check to see if the "select" privilege is still in existence needed

to be changed until after all the privilege descriptors were analyzed.

Sqlcomp/PrivMgrPrivileges.cpp (gatherViewPrivileges)



Missing checks at create UDR and revoke USAGE privilege were added.


Sqlcomp/PrivMgrMD (getUdrsThatReferenceLibraries)

Sqlcomp/PrivMgrPrivileges.cpp (dealWithUdrs)


This is a critical case QA filed because the PUBLIC_ACCESS_SCHEMA does

not exist for temporary sample tables during Update Statistics. If the

PUBLIC_ACCESS_SCHEMA does not exist, the temporary sample table will be

created in the same schema as the source table. Also fixed an issue for

private schemas not owned by DB__ROOT to make the histogram table's

owner the current user.




There are several 8841 issues being detected. This is a fix for one of

them related to Update Statistics where an embedded "get" statement

causes a transaction to be started in a child tdm_arkcmp process. The

fix is to not automatically start a transaction for the get request.


Change-Id: Ied42fdea6c6f8c43f29dab661b06b74f0f07ff99

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Fixes for log file reader UDF

Following issues have been resolved

1) Multi-line error messages are now supported.

2) Default event log file name of master_exec_* is now supported

3) When an event log file name other the default is specified in the config

file, the log file reader UDF will now pick it up. The directory is still

expected to be $MY_SQROOT/logs.

Patch Set 2

Address comment issue found by Dave

Change-Id: Ia54543bb8a6f6f8122988424761b52416192794e

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