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Using embedded compiler will not get error 2031

There is no need to raise error 2031 (Could not use embedded compiler to

compile the statement: ...) when failed to compile a query. Removed the

AQR entry for SQL error 2031.

Change-Id: I3979574ea9405d0b35c0c7924e30ad64475c6c10

Merge "trafodion bulk load changes (disabled))"

Merge "Fix for bug - Zookeeper not in connecting state"

Fix for query cache issue for Hive selects.

Two changes

1)Fix for bug #1293816.

2)Discontinue linking in, since it is currently unused.

For the hive query cache bug, the issue was that any change to a HDFS file

in a Hive directory, or to the directory itself (add/drop a file), was not

reflected in the query cache key. So the compiler could give a plan with an

incorrect list of HDFS files to the HDFSScan operator. The fix is to add

max(fileInfo.mLastMod) to the query cache key. The max is taken over all

files for a given Hive table. The number of files for a given Hive table has

also been added to the query cache key to cover cases where a file is deleted

from a Hive directory. Both query cache and query text cache are addressed.

The mLastMod time for each file and the number of files are determined through

the libHdfs call hdfsListDirectory(), which we already make.

Linking in is causing issues on certain MapR clusters since

MapR also uses this library and sometimes the version used by MapR is

different from what Trafodion uses. Since this library is not being used by

Trafodion stack right now, we will no longer link in this library in SQL or

connectivity layers. When a fix is found for the version incompatibility

issue, this change will be reversed.

Patche Set 2.

Thank you Dave for catching these issues. They have been resolved in

Patch Set 2.

Change-Id: Idbe599a876fdcaf77d2bdb9fdbf4b77a3f431e46

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Fix for 1318788 - Create salt table keyed on interval columns generates core

When creating column desc the leading precision for the interval

datatype is not being set correctly. Comments from definition of struct

ComTdbVirtTableTableInfo in ComTdb.h inidcate that for interval type the

leading precision should be the precision.

Change-Id: I2aa7da5f5ba3bbef084b5180125c2fe99195a2ed

Merge "Bump version number"

Merge "Fix to handle install on MapR clusters."

Bump version number

Change-Id: Iaf0634775c1b0c4c6252696d395e663683008e41

Fix to handle install on MapR clusters.

Don't call Cloudera/Ambari web services to test user id/password.

Change-Id: I20a429dec6ac48f98acd5a3be3538bfcaf77ccc7

Fixed 2 typos and deleted trailing spaces in license file

Change-Id: Iaf450152bf2e87d480c09a62f31e6cca7cef0b3b

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Modifying and adding additional license text to adhere to legal requirements.

Change-Id: Ie87c8b7df3fbb5d38c337920a6e490e22e389203

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trafodion bulk load changes (disabled))

fixing a conflict in install_local_hadoop

these changes include:

*changes to the install scripts (install_local_hadoop and other files)

**change hbase run on top of hdfs instead of local file system. This change may require running install_local_hadoop again when you rebase and initiliaze trafodion again.

**You may lose youtr tables. If you have tables that you need to keep please use extract and then load to extract the data before you rebasing and then load them after you rebase

*adding a coprocessor to support secure way of doing load using hidden folders (works with non secure hbase). secure load is disabled by default

*recovery using Snapshots (diabled by default) ): when enabled a snapshot is taken before the load starts and restored if something goes wrong. Otherwise it is deleted after the data is loaded

*changes to Makefiles to build the coprocessors in java 7 and 6

Change-Id: If496afc874c842e3e02b2c3426b71c1090cbeca9

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Fix for bug - Zookeeper not in connecting state

This is a fix for bug #1252790. The issue was in the timer that was

acting on the timed out CONNECTING state to move back to AVAILABLE was

actually processing an old connection. The fix now looks at the dialogue

IDs to ascertain that it is processing the current connection request.

Added checks for strtok output per Arvind's comment.

Change-Id: If0fad0da305258120157b9c9e3998be4225bd589

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Fix instability in core/TEST038

This change writes the log file of the background sqlci to

a temporary log file and then when the background sqlci is

finished, the temporary log file is appended to the test


Change-Id: I8c04791783da1ef379a087d19a39f1ce725a0140

Closes-Bug: #1334298

Merge "Added "smon" to the default databases that will be moved."

Improve Hbase scan cost estimation. Made changes to old fix based on code review comments.

Fix for bug 1333800

The real issue is MDAM plan is being costed high compared to single subset scan plan.

The reason is cost of HbaseScan node is estimated as if table has single region in mdam plan case

where as single subset scan plan costs for multi region table.

There already exists a logic to take into account number of regions for cost estimation. This code is

currently being used by single subset scan. I have moved this code to new function called ScanOptimizer::getNumActivePartitionsForHbaseTable() and call this function from both MDAM and single subset scan.

Change-Id: Ie1e7988d7ef5ffd745e92d3069eecdf05d5339c2

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Merge "Change in directory structure for jdbc_t2 driver. Also includes change for trafci installer"

Merge "Corrected makefile for earlier removal of directory"

Merge "Fix for bug 1324247 - SPJ with result sets not working"

Merge "Make file name change"

Added Apache open source license text to source code.

Change-Id: I9cda783f4bf9b3eb3a6c96a8d49bdbd4ee34c9c4

Make file name change

Renamed the make file in sqf/sql to make it compliant with other make

file names.

Change-Id: I280e74f704a4051df8a56411aabc77ffd058499f

Complete the removal of traf_other_tools from all scripts.

This fixes a previous check-in that did not include all the files

to totally remove all references to traf_other_tools.

Change-Id: Ie7d6e1a7316e768c161ee5078465f77a303dcc26

Corrected makefile for earlier removal of directory

The open-source-licenses directory was removed in gerrit change 413.

The make target "package" use of that directory should have been removed

at that time. That has now been done, and "make package" works again.

Change-Id: I67c1b47ea264ef114a00fb883ff8b546a17df713

Added "smon" to the default databases that will be moved.

Change-Id: Ia7f8188d5eb1c03383bc63354b9010e34881dfa5

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JDBC T4 samples README file cleanup

Change-Id: I5d8eaeb724159ff31ed99a7129aa661068546676

Enabling thread independent JNI objects

This submit includes the following changes:

1.Removes the restrictions that JNI objects can be used in the created

thread only.

2. SQL_EXEC_SwithContext CLI now manages the tidList_ correctly in the

CliGlobals structure.

3. ContextCli is now not associated with a thread.

This should further improve the thread safe concept in the trafodion engine.

This would possibly improve the robustness of mysql front-end to trafodion.

This change is also required to share CmpContext across multiple sessions in


Change-Id: I57d61067f05ad7747159ca8eeede905a27a03c10

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Merge "Source code cleanup, no bug"

Merge "Bug #1325391 SQLGetTypeInfo returns type names with imbedded nulls"

Merge "Retry SQLCODE 1389 after flushing metadata cache"