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Close statements while executing new query

[TRAFODION-1784]remove closed statement from HashMap

[TRAFDOION-1784][MTDCS]statement shoud be removed from HashMap when it's closed.

TrafConnection uses a HashMap to store the statements in MTDCS code.

When a statement is closed, it should be removed from the HashMap,

otherwise the JVM garbage collection couldn't delete the unused objects.

[TRAFODION-1779] Non-optimal plan chosen for a query against the created table in the same session

The CQD TRAF_RELOAD_NATABLE_CACHE can be turned on to invalidate the cache entry.

The usage will be as follows:

create table t1 ..

load into table t1 .. -->This adds the table t1 to NATable cache with estimated row count as 100

cqd traf_reload_natable_cache 'on' ;

select * from t1 -->The non-metadata table accessed by this query will be invalidated from

the NATable cache and reloaded

cqd traf_reload_natable_cache 'off'

Also removed the use of this CQD in the DDL portion of the codes because it was never used.

This CQD was used prior to introduction of query invalidation feature.

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[TRAFODION-1780] Switch MapReduce to local for install_local_hadoop

Merge [TRAFODION-1761] + PR-281 privilege fixes

[TRAFODION-1780] Switch MapReduce to local for install_local_hadoop

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Merge branch 'master' of into installbugfixes

Merge [TRAFODION-1774] PR 280 Use hashcode to generate statement IDs

Merge branch 'master' into priv-fixes

Fix for [TRAFODION-1703] Lower overhead in deleting old Tlog entries

Fix for [TRAFODION-1703] Lower overhead in deleting old Tlog entries

Merge up with master branch

Including adding Messages Guide to documents list

Make JDBC dependencies optional

For DCS & REST, move JDBC driver dependencies to profile in pom.xml

file. The profile is enabled by default, but this allows a command

line option to ignore them. This enables building the docs without

building the drivers.

Merge [TRAFODION-1699] PR 271 More work on Trafodion web site

Merge [TRAFODION-1778] PR 283 Fix to Update

Merge [TRAFODION-1648] PR 279 Region Split/Move work

Improvements to install_traf_components Fixed copyright issues

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Privs2 - TEST140

Fixed regression issue with TEST140. TEST140 assumes standard

schema "sch" exists. In this case it does not. So changed requests

to use a different schema

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Merge branch 'master' of into installbugfixes

Implement TRAFODION-1420 Use ClientSmallScanner for small scans to improve perdormance Hbase implements an optimization for small scan (defined as scanning less than a data block ie 64Kb) resulting in 3X performance improvement. The underlying trick is about cutting down RPC calls from 3 (OpenScan/Next/Close) to 1, and use pread stateless instead of seek/read state-full and locking method to read data. This JIRA is about improving the compiler who can be aware if a scan will be acting on single data block (small) or not, and pass this data to executor so that it can use the right parameter for scan. (scan.setSmall(boolean)). reference:

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[TRAFODION-1778] Update command when HBASE_VSBB_ROWSET_OPT 'ON' fails with internal error at times

Direct buffer used in update command was not getting reset correctly when the exact number of

rows as the maximum number of rows set using CQD HBASE_VSBB_ROWSET_SIZE is buffered for rowset

operation. This caused the subsequent rowset operation to fail.

Update install_hadoop_regr_test_env

move from master branch to fix : Fix for JIRA 1712. Use of option -p in hadoop fs -mkdir

Privilege fixes for TRAFODION-12, TRAFODION-1761, and TRAFODION-1773

TRAFODION-12 Grant Revoke Enhancements

-- Revoke: added code to verify that when column privileges are revoked then

the remaining grants are is still intact. It does this by starting at the

beginning of the privilege tree and rebuilding it from top to bottom with

the requested privilege changes. If the revoke causes part of the tree to

be unaccessible (a broken branch), the revoke operation fails.

TRAFODION-1761 Grant and Revoke on table with referencing views does not work

-- When granting INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE object privilege(s) on a table that

is referenced by one or more views, then the privilege should be granted on

any updatable views that reference the table. The grant request to the these

views should be executed as though the current user is _SYSTEM. Similarily

for revokes.

-- If the grant is performed that adds the WITH GRANT OPTION, then

the WITH GRANT OPTION is to be added to the referencing views. The

grant request should be executed as though the current user is _SYSTEM.

Similarily for revokes.

-- The problem was caused by the incorrect grantor being processed. So, added

a new field to the ObjectUsage structure that tells grant/revoke that

the grantor should be the system user. Also added change to not propagate

update privileges on non updatable views.

-- The checkin fixes object privileges; however, work is still needed to

support column level privileges and a mix between column and object level.

TRAFODION-1773 Internal error to revoke role with restrict option when there is

dependent view

-- There code (PrivMgrRoles) that determines if a specific user that owns

objects whose existence depend upon a privilege granted to the specified role

can be revoked. This code did not consider views as a referenced object type

Cleaned up PrivMgrDesc.h & PrivMgrDesc.cpp:

-- remove unused grantee field

-- added columnOrdinal which will be used to fix column privs for TRAFODION 1761

-- replaced std::bitset<NBR_OF_PRIVS> with the define PrivMgrBitmap

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[TRAFODION-1776] Reduce web-site build steps

Added child modules to top-level POM file to build each document.

Must use "mvn post-site" command, so that all docs get copied into

website docs directory.

Updated documentation on building docs and website.

Updated documents (except for install_guide, since it is still in

development) to use the current Trafodion release version.

This requires sourcing the file before building docs.

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Anoop's delete expresssion change

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[TRAFODION-1774]use hashCode instead of random

[TRAFODION-1774][MT-DCS]use hashCode() instead of random to make the

stmtHandle is unique

[TRAFODION-1662] Predicate push down revisited (V2)

Fixed errorneus reference to "Neoview."

Created the initial version of the Trafodion Messages Manual. Fixed broken links between different manuals.

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