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fix typo issue

[TRAFODION-1682]MT-DCS protocol issue fix

This commit will fix following issues.

1. [TRAFODION-1682][MTDCS] ODBC: SQLFetch returned invalid cursor

state. It's caused by the length of descriptor2List is not correct and

the sqlQueryType is not correct either. For sqlQueryType,

SqlUtils.getSqlStmtType(String str) will be used instead of

SqlUtils.getSqlStmtType(int stmtType) since it can't return the

correct value.

2. [TRAFODION-1653][MTDCS] coast tests core dumped at 'operator new'

when Multithread DCS is on. It's caused by the EndTransaction message

missing a int which indicate 0 excaption when there is no exception.

3. [TRAFODION-1658][MTDCS] with MultiThread DCS on, coast core dumped

at memcpy when there is parameter in prepare statement. It's caused by

the length of the descriptor2List is not correct.

refine the iconv function, remove unnecessary code to boost perf further

fix more according to jira 1720 review comments

paramiterize library name

add a lock for file upload

ignore output file

Restoring missing gitignore file.

update help doc

support add/alter/drop libraries

Merge remote branch 'origin/pr/264/head' into merge_264

fieed version issue

Merge [TRAFODION-1087] && [TRAFODION-1671] PR-261 regression fixes

[TRAFODION-1742] Rework, misplaced parenthesis

A misplaced paranthesis caused the previous change to not work as expected.

[TRAFODION-1752] JVM goes out-of-memory for hundreds of upsert statement in one session

HTableClient object was not getting released under certain conditions in batch get operation.

Fixed the code to release the object under these conditions.

fix comments for jira 1720

fix the pull-request comments for jira1720

Added missing license text in yaml file.


Merge branch 'master' of

rename & update code

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Finished port to asciidoc for documentation and created the new document directory.

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add copyright

Add Vproc and main class

TRAFODION-1087 & TRAFODION-1671 fixes

TRAFODION-1087: Security Regressions take too long

Removed catman1 test suite and replaced with privs1 & privs2.

Moved catman1/TEST131 to core, TEST131 tests query invalidation.

Added back skipped privilege tests because catman1 took to long to run.

Also, cleaned up runregr scripts a bit - still need some more work.

TRAFODION-1671: Hive regression TEST009 fails

Changed the cleanup procedure to remove damaged files

Added an order by to select statement to make it more robust

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  1. … 54 more files in changeset.
Updated the Command Interface Guide to use the standard PDF template.

[TRAFODION-1747] Avoid generating SQL errors in successful statements



change log level


remove unnecessary log.