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Misc. fixes to sqcollectlogs - collect trafodion.dtm.log etc.

Change-Id: I2e9c4c8502e57ec06bb739fb6951eea435f4d2e7

Fix for LP bug 1414192

Change-Id: I8034ab90d55646f3d2641b023f110dee30529e37

Fix bug 1413422: Error 8605 for stmt QRYSTS_ON_1 during connect.

mxosrvr does an explicit COMMIT WORK after fetching the setting

for a mode since during this time AUTOCOMMIT is off and SHOWCONTROL

used to start a transaction.

Recent change disabled starting a transaction for SHOWCONTROL

leading to the 8605 error.

(in GenRelScan.cpp, method Describe::codeGen)

Do note this fix is only for the following seen in master logs:

SQLCODE: 8605, QID: xxx_STMT_QRYSTS_ON_1, *** ERROR[8605]

Committing a transaction which has not started.

Change-Id: Idb047b55d575f49b77b7660ab7716b32de48edf0

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Merge "LP bug 1413676, alter table ignored 'not enforced' constraints."

fix LP 1347930

The main idea of the fix is as follows.

1. MC stats for compilation usage becomes multi-interval version,

for key columns in a HBase table

2. MC stats stored in histogram cache now contains the

multi-interval histogram.

Change-Id: Ief2f0746d154b714a9b780cce55ff536406b8fa1

Merge "Partial-Bug: 1411520 1411830"

Merge "Partial-Bug: 1411520 1411830"

Merge "Display Hive table access stats for get statistics"

Partial-Bug: 1411520 1411830

Fixes multiple problems during node down and node up processing.

Change-Id: I2fcc4b31e96f0cd6c8900f540ad9c512b2686ca7

Fix for bug #1409225

The changes include fixing for bug 1409225(same 1409228) and 1409227.

Bug 1409225,there are errors about unmatched quotes.

Bug 1409228,EXEC_END_UTC_TS is null for 'alter table' and some drop stmt.

They have same root cause--string ERROR_TEXT was not correctly terminated.

To fix bug 1409227,simply set METRIC_QUERY_TABLE as SUBMIT_UTS_TS=EXEC_START_UTC_TS for now.

Also include fix for another unmatched quotes case.

Change-Id: I41bded0f7a4911e4590e94991bfafbb3145e51d0

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Partial-Bug: 1411520 1411830

Fixes multiple problems during node down and node up processing.

Change-Id: I3c932a74dc9a284f28f4b0aaef0d49c2caeffa35

LP bug 1413676, alter table ignored 'not enforced' constraints.

Change-Id: Ib5a042385ad313442986dc8a27461c0e13c2f5b2

Fix TM main stack corruption

Change-Id: I9a885303153aec6fd53f5a6799b908af8de963f3

Fix recovery for region server failure

Change-Id: I5aed9c7ee34e11a8020042dba15f5aa09e9a5dce

Fix for bug #1410928. Mxosrvr coring during performance tests.

The core seems to be occurring because of a lack of synchronization

between the timer thread and main thread accessing a global statement

object. When the statement is dropped the associated pSrvrStmt

is also deleted and hence the global pointer is invalidated and causes

the core when accessed. The fix now also nulls the global statement

pointer so that the timer thread ignores the dropped


Fixes bug #1410928

Change-Id: I06b15b90325a7b405d4adcca871b58c9dba51729

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Display Hive table access stats for get statistics

Fix for bug 1413406 get statistics for query would hang when hive table


Add code to retrieve and display hive table statistics for get

statistics command, which is similar to display the hbase table stats


Change-Id: I38d7633a8333cbb08263570ebd6b68b192f2a882

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Fix HQC Bugs: LP1421374 LP1409863 LP1409830

Change-Id: Icdf2c983d83456feb1120af28d2320549ecc7638

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Merge "Enabled repository statistics in install_local_hadoop closes bug: 1413415"

Merge "LP bug 1413404, repository tables are inaccessible after upgrade."

Merge "add more tracing for transactions."

Merge "dtmci changes to allow its usage from different userid's"

LP bug 1413404, repository tables are inaccessible after upgrade.

As part of upgrade, an internal 'initialize trafodion' stmt

is issued which creates repository tables with salted columns.

It also added salt expression string to TEXT metadata table.

Objects that were created prior to this release did not

have salt expression string in TEXT table. Upgrade code

moves older salt expression from default field of columns

table to TEXT table and updates text type.

It was incorrectly updating text type of newly created

respository tables that were already added to TEXT.

Fix is to not update texttype if salt string has already

been added.

Change-Id: Ib2b618b0e0cbc765737869f49b82e7a1355b1ff2

add more tracing for transactions.

Change-Id: If9522410da1dca0c7f8e67be19c0102ebc47d84d

Enable repository status by default closes bug: 1413382

Change-Id: Idd1433657c8dfec66ad066ec5914f6daa3e7fcb9

Enable repostiory statistics by default closes bug: 1413413

Change-Id: Idd270085f2c5410395d2b58d8ec56a5aed6e8f42

Enabled repository statistics in install_local_hadoop closes bug: 1413415

Change-Id: I28c8deec0b946f8cf0e1f1e2bda2d2b4d3fb5543

Merge "Fix for an issue with drop schema statement"

sqvers identification of non-release patches

Instead of looking for "patch" in the branch name field, now look

for string starting with "BUGFIX_" in build-ID field.

Developers providing a hotfix (non-release patch) should identify

the bug number(s) in the build ID, so that info can be found in

defect tracker. A sequence number can also be used in case multiple

patch attempts are needed.

Example: BUGFIX_2345-9876_1

This indicates first patch to fix bugs 2345 and 9876.

The build-ID field is set by building with make macro PV_BUILDID.

Example: make PV_BUILD=BUGFIX_12345_1 package

Change-Id: Ib864cd244374e0c14a8ad1e57fe643b7901e5229

dtmci changes to allow its usage from different userid's

Changes were made to use an alternative monitor api for the startup process.

Change-Id: I1b2830f3ae0565a3eb605033a7323f1f170cceef

Merge "Fix for bug 1412983 Create table like view cores"