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fix 1361754: missing sort for fastTrafInsert

Change-Id: Ib7d768cba5b89ad44f5423cd9dd499fd537eaf66

Set the property in dcs config to disable stats collection in mxosrvr

Change-Id: I59e8b159e8ff347ed5f997d78ae99a4113ecc5ce

Adding check for HDP 2.2/CDH 5.2 and Java Version

Adding Java Version check from into the installer.

Adding check to error out of user tries to install Trafodion

with Hortonworks 2.2 or Cloudera 5.2 installer on their system.

Edit 1: Add check that HBase is installed on all nodes. Also, print

large error if trafodion_setup fails.

Edit 2: Changed Java version needed from 1.7.0_67 to 1.7.0_65.

Change-Id: If4e1659c7e95759ba5fc6019584fc2322243892a

Merge "Fix read conf from hbase-site"

Fixes repeated node down/up on same node.

Change-Id: I5d65364ebece1e901f6a05f95ee5fbfdf5829185

Merge "Fix install_local_hadoop to find maven, run phoenix T2"

Merge "Fix Bug #1380734 Batch upsert into salted table"

More fixes to make SQL thread safe

Fix for bug 1403334 – T2 multithread tests core dump in SQLCLI_DropContext

NAMemory was not threadsafe in derived memory management. The calls

registerMemory, unRegisterMemory was not threadSafe when the heap is marked

as threadsafe heap. Also, the mutex is now dropped as part of NAHeap


Fix for bug 1403410 - With 128 threads thru T2 driver, MTTrans and YCSB tests

crash and generate this core

The context list was being manipulated without acquiring a mutex in some places

These obsolete codes are now removed.

Some of the globals were wrongly declared as thread globals.

Other Fixes

SQL_EXEC_GetDiagnosticsCondInfo2 CLI call is now protected by mutexes

like any other CLI call.

Also removed some of the obsolete codes in the cli layer.

Currently commented out the code to close all the open cursors in all

the contexts when a change in transaction id is detected. We need to detect

the change in transaction at context level and close cursors belonging to

that context only.

Change-Id: I0edb7b7f0a844c8c49995af4c130dd319472a783

Merge "SQL syntax to cancel executing query, phase 2"

Fix read conf from hbase-site

Change-Id: I572494b8b8adce162cd3929fc42a0e656fbcfa0c

Fix Bug #1380734 Batch upsert into salted table

Change-Id: I08a0296a8af41a13272676b99b1bf7a50a763d5e

Fix for Mdam access causes large number of rows to be accessed.

A fix by Dave Birdsall and Anoop Sharma on a problem where mdam probe was

causing large number of rows to be accessed. The issue was that the scan cache

was being set to 10000 based on cardinality estimates, but the mdam probe

is being to retrieve only one row at most. Additinal changes to improve

debugging with mdam predicate network.

Dummy delta change to get check tests to run again.

Change-Id: I5b570c42712d4c38157181c3b76bf9a3ab6e2ed9

fix LP1383581:serial plan generated for salt table

Change-Id: I36cbf70119218dcce1826a2cf87306e66ded1d64

Enhanced endpoint coprocessor tracing for row key display

Change-Id: Ib4262702df9603390fe939b15df7fbdca8f18e07

Fix Bug #1343678 JDBC Sample CallableStatementSample

Change-Id: I3a95fd21fd0e8a49f9d5dca8b1b5920f438a05ff

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ANSI Schema changes

ANSI Schema

Implements the changes to support ANSI schemas. For more information

see the blueprint at:

The syntax changes for REGISTER USER and CREATE ROLE were not

implemented in this delivery.

NOTE: This code was reviewed internally prior to merging with the

main branch.

Change-Id: I1c7937dbcd067e792dcacb65f12c43e4f84a25ad

Change-Id: I98395eeef1e8bde424d9e83f96928358f0b1991b

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SQL syntax to cancel executing query, phase 2

This check-in causes queries to register with the cancel

broker using a nowait Seabed message, and to process the

completion of the message by canceling the executing query

if the cancel broker so indicates in the message reply. The

check-in includes new test cases in the regression test to

cancel different types of SELECT queries.

These types of queries do not yet respond to cancel:

1. Queries that are decomposed into child queries, e.g.,



3. INSERT queries might work now, but haven't been tested.

By design, unique queries cannot be canceled.

Implements: blueprint sql-query-cancel

Change-Id: I95aaf9b42de645b60ba68cdce0da729b84f1eb82

Change-Id: I1ee1f05fd33c2cfb72405a5ddddb9518ab52076d

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Merge "Fix for bug 1401012"

Automated collection of necessary statistics

When the optimizer requests a histogram for a given column, and that

histogram does not exist, it may (depending on the cqds in effect) register

a request for the histogram to be created at a later time, or utilize a

small sample to generate a rudimentary histogram on the fly. In either

case, when a subsequent Update Statistics statements specifies the ON

NECESSARY COLUMNS clause, any column of the target table that has been

the subject of one of these actions will have a bona fide histogram


blueprint ustat-automation

Change-Id: Ieceac3e1d84bf8091a5bf340dc1739a447ad2436

Merge "Phase 2 for log reader TMUDF"

Merge "Synchronizing COMMIT_UNSUCCESSFUL processing in coprocessor and TM"

Merge "Node Up (re-integration) updates. Squashed commit of the following:"

Merge "Various changes, details listed below."

Synchronizing COMMIT_UNSUCCESSFUL processing in coprocessor and TM

Change-Id: I55c3621aeac4a95c038a0f3d75554294fde3766f

Merge "Remove duplicates in PATH and CLASSPATH to fix bug 1401216"

Phase 2 for log reader TMUDF

blueprint cmp-tmudf-compile-time-interface

Log reader TMUDF is mostly working now.

Still need to set cqd NUM_PARALLEL_ESPS '<num of nodes>' on clusters.

Still needs more work and more testing.

Still seeing some issues with non-ASCII characters.

// SQL Syntax to invoke this function:


// select * from udf(event_log_reader( [options] ));


// The optional [options] argument is a character constant. The

// following options are supported:

// f: add file name output columns (see below)

// t: turn on tracing

// d: loop in the runtime code, to be able to attach a debugger

// (debug build only)

// p: force parallel execution on workstation environment with

// virtual nodes (debug build only)

More detailed explanation of changes:

- PredefUdrReadfile.cpp: Work on event log reader TMUDF

- sqludr.*: New method to add formal parameters, allows TMUDF to

accept optional parameters.

- OptPhysRelExpr.cpp:

Made some changes for TMUDFs with arity 0 to avoid asserts

and to be able to call okToAttemptESPParallelism in method

RelExpr::synthPhysicalProperty(). This is needed for leaf

operators (arity 0) that want to initiate parallel execution

and TMUDFs seem to be first in that situation.

Changed TableMappingUDF::synthPhysicalProperty to generate

a partitioning function with multiple partitions (and no

partitioning key, so far) if required.

- ExUdr.cpp,








Addressed review comments from last phase, got rid of ALLOW_UDF CQD

- Rel*.h


OptPhysRelExpr.cpp (has other changes as well)

Simple but messy change to add one more parameter to


Change-Id: I5549e47c0f019beefd4ec1695ae7abf8c3bd43e3

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Merge "Enable Phoenix T2 to work in local_hadoop environment"

Fix install_local_hadoop to find maven, run phoenix T2

Use the MAVEN variable set in, rather than relying on it being

in the PATH.

Change exit code of DCS failure, since it is not required to run

trafodion instance.

Add in the option to run phoenix tests with jdbc T2 driver, now that

Alice Chen has enhanced the test script to work in local_hadoop environment.

Change-Id: I3ebc5fe194d1c28b98a777ad276fbdcd036f857a

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modify some log trace level

Change-Id: If8e73cbc6f6cf64b936b0959f28e5dd97519e2eb

Node Up (re-integration) updates. Squashed commit of the following:

commit a1cc0bad793a00d3ae3436783e1a0b29cc5286ad

Merge: 6f8f67a b4d797a

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 14:49:33 2014 -0800

Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master' into traf/recovery_node_up

commit 6f8f67a2128a0b3d431a45f9a60c0b85f1071aba

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 14:47:38 2014 -0800

Restore mainline merge change.

Change-Id: I3f941e4db7ab68a7a5190af3e7c0ce9b8c83f810

commit 967255b2c7453aac0e2125fcea0dc421524bd1af

Merge: 2616982 f0f508a

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 10:00:54 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'master' of into traf/opensrc

commit 2616982f1eab099a1eaeafacc5fb17036feb989d

Merge: a329762 2977953

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Fri Dec 12 10:00:42 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'master' into traf/opensrc

commit 297795384d235f5b3e31b40878d68cc8ff08eee8

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Thu Dec 11 15:46:37 2014 -0800

Node up (re-integration) fixes, code cleanup, etc.

commit 52f713738b62d4dccd6d6e7b054210b946311af7

Merge: 882e800 5b93d74

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 13:00:19 2014 -0800

Merge branch 'master' of



commit 882e8004d5927cdfad8a357537bbffee7f9dc5ce

Author: Gonzalo Correa <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 12:46:33 2014 -0800

Preliminary node up (reintegration) changes.

commit 5b93d740f8c07fe57f19b0ff20cbd34c338c5e51

Author: <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 20:20:41 2014 +0000

Resolving conflicts

Change-Id: Idc42d06ae9ac1a27760439a24dabd2c7ff2e513f

commit befb8398207173f597eed371556eb28976389e48

Merge: 65f20fe 2334c66

Author: <>

Date: Tue Dec 9 20:11:39 2014 +0000

Merge remote branch 'gerrit/master'





Change-Id: Iac5aa6dd06ff6d9076c89c556882af213b81397f

commit 65f20fee9410003e27fe06baea5bf3cacbdacf5d

Author: Shang-Sheng Tung <>

Date: Wed Dec 3 20:47:37 2014 +0000

add node down code

commit 380796d38e51b9601af7f68b37b865e34ad595a0

Author: Shang-Sheng Tung <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 23:30:45 2014 +0000

test by adding a space

commit ac490047192d179abf70f3369529bec792f54e17

Author: oliverbucaojit <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 23:22:45 2014 +0000

Moving Trace line

commit 1225a6caca2b4d9124f00ae187cee1c0b584267f

Author: Oliver Bucaojit <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 22:32:48 2014 +0000

Recovery thread changes, nodeDown and nodeUp addition, full try/catch and retry logic added to RecoveryThread

commit b5e26f283ef6b02e7073bc1b809aa27a40ed397c

Author: <>

Date: Tue Nov 25 01:39:20 2014 +0000

TM changes for sending NID on node down and up

TM changes to send node id on a node down and a node up.

JNI changes on C++ and java side.

Change-Id: I1f7166d97e7113d6c17a35dffd1c9a7e6a67c901

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