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Upgrade filenames to 0.8.3 version.

The hbase-trx jar filename changed and the installer needs

to use the new 0.8.3 based filename.

Change-Id: Id9eb6728df66bdd0712ca9c1ed4b543d729a19c5

conf/hbase-site.xml file is being removed

installer doesn't need to modify conf/hbase-site.xml file

because it is being removed from trafodion/core.

Change-Id: I64265459bccc64ec7081a6ec84e02bfee15be752

Merge "Bug 1340646 SPJ with SQL query statements failed with SQLCODE 2005"

Merge "Fix for bug 1317729: Disallow SALT clause on approximate numeric columns."

Merge "sqvers/sqid change to allowed dot (.) in branch-id."

Bug 1315567 bug in salted tables with descending VARCHAR columns

This fixes several issues related to VARCHARs, UCS2 and UTF8 chars and

varchars, when used in the SALT clause. Most of the issues only

occur when using a DESCending key column, since that involves non-ASCII

characters. Summary of changes:

- The logic involves creating string literals for min/max values of

columns. Create those literals as UTF8 character strings, so that we

can represent characters of non-ASCII or ISO character sets.

- When generating the max value for a UTF8 column, generate valid UTF8

characters (0xFF does not occur in valid UTF8 and causes an error when

converting it while it's used in expressions).

- Change the lexter to use something other than the max UCS2 character

0xFFFF as the EOF constant. Using a non-allowed UCS2 character.

- Fix some issues with the DECODE function when it operates on varchars.

Pass a separate pointer to the varchar length field of the result, like

it is done for other expressions. Note, this is not done for the operand.

More detailed description of changes for reviewers:


- The min/maxRepresentableValue method now generates a string literal

that should be ready to feed to the parser. This string literal is

always in UTF-8 and it uses a charset prefix to indicate the actual

type's charset. Example: _UCS2'abc'. The old code returned the actual

string (no quotes) in the type's charset. That value is still available.

- When creating the max representable value for UTF8, generate valid

UTF8 characters, not 0xFF bytes. This allows us to feed the max value

back into the parser.

- New virtual method to create an equivalent char type from a varchar


- in decodeKeyValue, pass in a separate pointer to the varchar length field,

like it is done for other function evaluators. This is for the result

varchar length field (the source is really a string of bytes).

- removed an unused function to avoid having to change it


- Now that NAType::min/maxRepresentableValue() methods return a literal

that can be parsed, there is no more need to create a parsable string


- When creating SQL expressions, make sure they are created in UTF8, to

be able to use non-ISO88591 characters.


- Min key values with zeroes in them didn't get copied, including length

fields that were multiples of 256.


- When converting a binary region boundary value into text, use UTF-8

as the target charset


- Handle case where text boundary values are not specified and make

most conservative assumption in that case


- This caller of NAType::mim/maxRepresentableValue needed to be changed

for the new behavior of these methods (use the string buffer in the

type's charset instead of the UTF-8 string literal)


- When parsing max values for UCS2 character, the lexer saw 0xFFFF characters

and interpreted those as EOF. Changed the EOF character to some value

that is not valid UCS2, according to the standard.

7/20: Rework for comments from Qifan and Dave.

Change-Id: If4aa698393d0f204c839efe40087a1696069d277

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Add missing seapilot makefile dependency.

The build fails in this seapilot directory if build is not

parallel. Changing MAKEFLAGS to -j1 revealed this problem.

Change-Id: Ida0f2795a8620a24f05b38169f6e312217ab43a3

Fix for bug #1315537 - Dialogue ID does not match

The clients can sometimes get a Dialogue ID does not match error when

trying to connect. This was happening whenever both the

TerminateDialogue and BreakDialogue were being invoked, during the

previous client disconnect call, where the TerminateDialogue would make

the MXOSRVR state to AVAILABLE, invalidate the dialogue ID and

BreakDialogue would also attempt to do the same. The issue arises when

the latter call tries to change the state again but DCSMaster has

already allocated the MXOSRVR object reference to a new client.

Change-Id: I8e5a0bd5fd6a0827b4bd483d522f283c6d34348f

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Add installation of EPEL rpm.

The EPEL rpm is needed to be able to install other

packages Trafodion requires, like protobuf, etc.

Change-Id: Ib5cb307bc01baaa182534237497cf3034fddb5fa

Merge "Fix for TM hangs during abort issue."

Merge "Removing TLOG tables from output - non transactional tables."

Merge "Adding copyrights."

Fix for TM hangs during abort issue.

Timing issue resulted from having doomtx/rollback and abort tx

executing at the same time for the same transaction.

Removed queuing when doomtx is called.

Change-Id: I58062bb7404b3bec9bb524fc958a34450401af78

Merge "If version changed, mpi/sm need these changes to update."

Removing sqf/conf/hbase-site.xml

This file doesn't have a complete set of HBase properties and using it

for HBase client or region server would mean that we would not pick

up other configuration items like zookeeper peer port or zookeeper

root, both of which are frequently set to non-default values.

After discussiong this with various people, including Marvin, we

decided to change the installer not to include $MY_SQROOT/conf in

the CLASSPATH and to get rid of this file. Both of these changes can

be made independently.

File sqf/ sets the class path to include the HBase conf

directory, as before.

Change-Id: Ie10da8f7cc64de0a609a7f35704379ab907bd43a

Bug 1340646 SPJ with SQL query statements failed with SQLCODE 2005

Made more changes recommened by Anoop and Selva. Do not initialize if

trafMDDescsInfo is already initialized in CmpSeabaseDDL::createMDdescs.

And delete trafMDDescsInfo_ in destructor. It does get deleted when context

heap is deallocated from CmpContext::deleteInstance.

Made changes recommened by Anoop and Selva. To move trafMDDescsInfo_ to

CmpCotext class, instead of keeping as thread global.

Fixing typo in the commit message.

The problem is that the thread static global variable trafMDDescsInfo_

is deallocated after cmp context is deallocated, because trafMDDescsInfo_ is

allocated on CTXTHEAP.

Since trafMDDescsInfo_ is a thread global, changed to be allocated from

CLI Globals exCollHeap(). For all the data members also to be allocated

on exCollHeap(), the method processDDLandCreateDescs() now takes a new

parameter from where the output parameters are allocated from.

Change-Id: I441d23459389646f076ae706ef0559b8a5474c54

fixes for issues with populating and enabling/disabling all indexes

1/fix for LP#1339324

popluate all indexes on <table> returns errors.

2/fix for LP#1339231

alter table <table> disable all indexes; returns error

3/addition of a new test (seabase/test017)

4/rework after 1st review

Change-Id: I0a96e4890654c5a3c3c23e0783b348566643c24b

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sqvers/sqid change to allowed dot (.) in branch-id.

Change-Id: Ib6c8fc468d297aa51e28ed306c5e045ed8cc7d53

Removing TLOG tables from output - non transactional tables.

TLOG tables are not transactional tables so they will not be showing

active, committed or in-doubt transactions while running this program.

Changed search name for TLOG tables to 'TRAFODION._DTM_.'

Change-Id: I4e173e88d19d0e4b086e4695d028c291b22632f2

Fix for bug 1336106: HDFS files without permission causes core dump

Missing HDFS permissions caused Hive queries in Trafodion to crash

instead of giving an error message. Added a workaround to the bug

in libhdfs and also added more error handling to the HDFS statistics


7/17: Rework from comments for patch set 1.

7/20: Rework from comments for patch set 2.

Change-Id: Ibb8cfe4ce0aca389598bc6724dbd0702961b5a30

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Fix for bug 1317729: Disallow SALT clause on approximate numeric columns.

Trying to use the SALT clause on an approximate numeric column (float,

real double precision) will now return error 1120. The reason is that

rounding errors could cause us to compute the wrong SALT partition value,

and we might not find a row or allow duplicates. Note that it is not a

good idea to use an approximate numeric as a key column, although that

is still allowed.

Also fixed a bug with salted tables that use a STORE BY clause.

Change-Id: I70d76970fd4da5b2c73a0448c552c92bb446f478

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Mangle branch.

Change-Id: Ifc50bdd1edc5d1474c4c358a98f4b4acebbcd53a

Bug 1336641:ODBC endurance connect test fails with utf16

Change-Id: Ie1c4ffeeae3b1d2461111486644a46b2e496c4e4

Changes to support single node

When parsing the default sqconfig file included in the build,

node name was not getting set because the default sqconfig file

doesn't contain node names, only "virtualnodes". Added code to

set the node name to a single node in this case.

Added a check for a possible problem with sqgen on a single node

install. A workaround message is displayed if needed.

Corrected spelling error in message.

Change-Id: I82b7bce943b47c0c879d221c3f9379a75a59f109

Merge "For now, completely disable Native Expressions."

Merge "Program to extract transaction info from region servers"

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dcsstart not starting all connections.

Closes Bug 1330578

1) Added "-n" option while doing ssh in background

2) Made selection of DCS server info port automatic to avoid port


3) Changed default directory where PID files are stored to

$DCS_HOME/tmp. This will help in stopping dcs on systems where

/tmp is cleaned periodically.

4) Changed default HEAP_SIZE to 128M from 1000M.

5) Added newline in default conf/servers file shipped

Change-Id: Iab54849b31f3e024b885d60c34e69d6245f93207

For now, completely disable Native Expressions.

We believe the Phoenix tests are seeing the problem with Native

Expressions and not just the standard developer regressions tests.

Consequently, for now, we must completely disable N.E. rather than

just during the standard developer regressions.

Change-Id: I2be4599fb41d645d3439fa0f24cbccac5581cc5c

Partial fix for issues with Single Node Installs

trafodion_installer now sets SQCONFIG="" for single node

trafodion_installer and dcs_installer now has several checks added for single node to skip pdcp and pdsh commands

Change-Id: Ic9b2e87d361bdcbcca7e221d91fa79b6821b0841

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Merge "Various Launchpad and other fixes."