Roberta Marton <>
on 03 Dec 14
Authorization checks for DDL & utilities
Fixed issues from code comments.

LOAD/UNLOAD authorization checks:

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Authorization checks for DDL & utilities

   Fixed issues from code comments.

   LOAD/UNLOAD authorization checks:

   Code was added during code generation to make sure user has privileges,

   if the user had necessary privileges, then the EXEUTIL parser flag is

   turned on to avoid further privilege checks.  When load/unload

   completes, the parser flag is reset.

   Update/showstats Statistics authorization checks:

   Added a new error message

   Changed hs_globals to support a new isAuthorized method and store

   parser flags when class is instantiated and reset them when done

   Changed hs_cli.cpp to use new IF NOT EXISTS syntax when creating

   histogram tables, make owner of histogram tables DB__ROOT

   (will need to adjust when schema privileges happen), and clean up

   CreateHistTables method to remove old authorization mechanism

   Changed hs_update.cpp which controls the update and showstats operation

   to add authorization checks

   Purgedata and populate index changes:

   Changed CmpSeabaseDDLcommon.cpp to check privileges for purgedata

   Changed CmpSeabaseDDLindex.cpp to check privileges for popindex

   Additional component privileges and checks:

   Added support for new component privileges in PrivMgrMD.h/.cpp

   Added support for MANAGE_COMPONENTS

   Added support for CREATE_INDEX and DROP_INDEX component privs

   Fixes from last delivery that were postponed:

   Context.cpp - fix for previous code review

   CmpSeabaseDDLtable - added calls to deallocEHI

   PrivMgrMD - fixed wording in a comment

   Miscellaneous changes:

   ComUser - added new convenience method - isRootUserID()

   NATable.cpp (setupPrivInfo)  to always set up privInfo_ and to call

   the embedded compiler while extracting privileges

   Privilege adjustments to take advantage of privInfo stored in NATable:

   Added code to mark and rewind errors in diags.

   Fix for LP bug 1392895

Change-Id: I6f7245ae7e66086769c0e92d901399c99e8f2af3

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