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OF: Fix pruning for gitpubsub

recrypt for john

Use RVM to install Ruby 2.6.3

Ruby 2.6.3 (latest stable version) installed on bb-slave2 with Ruby

2.3.1 (currently installed) set as the default

OF: changing jenkins windows nodes name

Merge pull request #1617 from FSchumacher/jmeter-nightly-new-layout

Jmeter nightly new layout

Merge pull request #1629 from zregvart/pr/camel-website-release

INFRA-18906: publish camel-website to root

change to dedicated #asfjira channel

OF: Add auth back for the website template repo (comdev, UCB)

INFRA-18906: publish camel-website to root

This publishes the content of `asf-git` branch in the `camel-website`

gitbox repository to (it used to publish to and disables the publish from SVN.

Merge pull request #1628 from apache/ca/update-jdk

Ca/update jdk

OF: Add slackclient lib for py3

OF: INFRA-18895 added synapse to svngit2jira

OF: added jira-he-de to mail relay and removed LW EU subnet

OF: hardwire infra repos since not a standard TLP

add openjdks 14 ea10

add openjdk 13 version 33

Added master branch to the singa definitioni

Try ::

OF: needs full name?

OF: needs quotes

OF: fix chars

Merge pull request #1626 from apache/humbedooh/reporter-tokens

Add kibble+jira tokens for projects-vm2

Add kibble+jira tokens for projects-vm2

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Check and change into directory in one step

OF: disregard older changes

OF: INFRA-18857 moved singa from svnwcsub to gitwcsub

Merge pull request #1621 from apache/johna/INFRA-18800

adding additional cert to chain

cleaning up jdk versions, removed 1.8.0_121 1.8.0_131 1.8.0_144 1.8.0_144 (unlimited security) 1.8.0_152 1.8.0_172 JDK 9 b156 JDK 9 b179 JDK 9 b181 JDK 9 b181 (unlimited security) JDK 10 b36 (early access build) JDK 11 b8 (early access build) JDK 11 b19 (early access build) JDK 11 b22 (early access build)

OF: Add a raw output (sans html skeleton)

OF: made synapse/* (sans /site) ro. left site rw.