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OF: Added kudu to asf svn and git services.

force infra git notifications into jira worklog

OF: INFRA-18895 added synapse to svngit2jira

OF: added oozie to svngit2jira

OF: repo names were git not svn, good now.

adding svngit2jira configs for creadur-tentacle and creadur-whiskers per INFRA-18539

fixing repo and project names

OF: INFRA-17694

add xmlbeans config

INFRA-17629: Add svngit2jira integration for Airflow

OF: changing git URL from localhost to gitpubsub


clean up notifications after gitbox migration

OF: Infra-puppet doesn't use reviewboard

OF: use full ref name in match


Add atlas svngit2jira config

Adding the Kylin project

This time with the correct trigger.

Adding Impala trigger.

add svngit2jira integration for INFRA-15495

INFRA-15243: Add svngit2jira for Creadur

we're only interested in news from deployment.

INFRA-14597 add struts.* to svngit2jira

Updating for Mynewt TLP graduation.

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add svngit2jira config for INFRA-14228

INFRA-14186 removed in favor of using fisheye

update svngit2jira for new qpid git repos to update QPID-* tickets

svn->git migration complete. revert change to re-enable

temporarily comment out svngit2jira for qpid.* repos during svn->git import

INFRA-13751 add JSPWiki to svngit2jira

fixups for INFRA-13608

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