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per chair, return r/w access to /sis repos. access limited to PMC

INFRA-16792 - make tcl/rivet read-only

Allow updates of test branch

INFRA-16738: Keep httpasyncclient read/write

Remove redundant permissions; comdev is subset of committers


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hpp-attic-171 ; retire lucy

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ATTIC-169 XMLBeans now managed by POI, not Attic

setting svn repo for Turbine Maven Archetypes to read only INFRA-16437


set geronimo/components/config R/O in preparation for gitbox move


slider -> attic

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INFRA-16577: r/o for all on SIS svn, r/w for sis on site/

INFRA-16577: Make sis svn r/o. also lint fixes

Add poi to xmlbeans svn space

Merge pull request #955 from apache/cml/INFRA-15596



make odf/trunk read-only

Moving more repos to GitBox INFRA-16402

Merge pull request #947 from deki/INFRA-16402-myfaces-build-tools-ro

INFRA-16402 myfaces-build-tools moved to gitbox

No longer needed

INFRA-16402 myfaces-build-tools moved to gitbox

INFRA-16402 myfaces-test moved to gitbox

fixed typo

marking myfaces/core read only for move to gitbox

Merge pull request #909 from deki/INFRA-16402-myfaces-master-pom-ro

INFRA-16402 myfaces-master-pom moved to gitbox

Moving maven-site and maven-doxia-site to gitbox INFRA-16361

INFRA-16402 myfaces-master-pom moved to gitbox

Migrating common/proper/weaver to gitbox INFRA-16438

Marking uima/uimafit and uima/uv3/uimafit-v3 read only for GitBox move INFRA-16347

Piggyback update to needed for INFRA-16355

Allow buildbot to commit back to attic/site