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Revert "Adding Ace to attic"

This reverts commit cb42e355c9aa5c0c492f541616f05e8b2e97ab3b.

Adding Ace to attic

Adding Ace to attic

remove non existant ea

remove extra reference to ea auth group

PR#792 broke it

graduate datafu

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Prepare james/hupa for gitbox conversion - INFRA-15699

INFRA-15993 retire ace

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Fixing things

Make VCL rw

More of Apache Directory moved to Git, make these area r/o. INFRA-15446

Add royale auth from LDAP for purposes of a PMC area in svn. INFRA-15461

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INFRA-15434 - make trnk,tags,branches only r/o

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cml/INFRA-15253' into deployment

fix auth so svnadmins can still write to git migrated repos in order to add a pointer/flag file 'MOVED_TO_GIT'

sling svn read only, they moved to git

switch svn repos to read-only for INFRA-15253

open up bigdata/opennlp repo for opennlp

INFRA-15319 make vcl svn RO

INFRA-15189 make sling/site readonly

retire mrql resources per INFRA-15120

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Merge pull request #432 from deki/myfaces-trinidad-ro

INFRA-14883 mark myfaces/trinidad as readonly

Add missing slash - props Gav...

INFRA-15083 - grant temp access to HC branch

mark myfaces/trinidad as readonly. moved to gitbox.

mark myfaces/tobago as read-only.

has moved to gitbox.

missing leading /

Signed-off-by: gmcdonald <>

httpcomponents site is still svnpubsub

INFRA-14977: make directory/shared read-only

Merge pull request #304 from sebbASF/blur-horn

Blur/Horn retired; allow SVN sites to be dropped