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Allow tidy up of jexl and weaver

openjpa use the cms still

removing comment for flagon svn auth

OF: comment flagon until ldap groups exist

svn generating tons of cron errors

renameing senssoft project to flagon per INFRA-18100

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calcite was moved from svn to gitbox, making changes for gitwcsub

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updating for migration of joshua project from incubating to tlp

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moving aries to gitbox INFRA-17806

OF: Unomi graduated

INFRA-17952 - unomi graduated

just the pmc area


OF: remove trailing /

INFRA-17724 - svn -> git

remove tiles ldap. INFRA-17496

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temp add 3 folks so they can clean up tags

ATTIC-173 move Tiles to the Attic

Make creadur/rat read-only

Moving Archiva website to gitbox INFRA-16387

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INFRA-17141: move openjpa to gitbox

this should have gone R/O ages ago


per chair, return r/w access to /sis repos. access limited to PMC

INFRA-16792 - make tcl/rivet read-only

Allow updates of test branch

INFRA-16738: Keep httpasyncclient read/write

Remove redundant permissions; comdev is subset of committers


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hpp-attic-171 ; retire lucy

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ATTIC-169 XMLBeans now managed by POI, not Attic

setting svn repo for Turbine Maven Archetypes to read only INFRA-16437