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graduationg SystemML

Add spamassassin_role to the dns area - INFRA-14296

switch incubator over to ou=project

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allow LDAP attribute to be specified in authorization templates

look for ";attr=" within {ldap:} sections, and extract attribute name

if this string is present; otherwise default to memberUid,member for

backwards compatibility.

A single example of this new syntax is included in this commit.

The plans are to shortly make use of this to move PMC authorizations to

an owner attribute.

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make httpcomponents readonly

INFRA-14116: Make http-components core read-only in svn

INFRA-13927: Make OpenMeetings SVN read-only

make log4net r/o. INFRA-14022

Merge branch 'retire-pirk' of into joshelser-retire-pirk

retire wink, svn RO, mail to attic

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set repos moved to git to read-only

Retire the Pirk podling

Adding Abdera to the attic per INFRA-13814

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INFRA-13831 make log4cxx readonly

remove Deltacloud auth. INFRA-13847

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removed attic from axis (will not retire now).

move abdera auth to attic (due to retirement)

Merge branch 'systemml-new-committers' of into lresende-systemml-new-committers

add metron committers to asf-authorization-template

fixups for INFRA-13608

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organizing file structure for ranger

removing incubator from ranger

adding ranger access INFRA-13631

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Systeml - fix alphabetical order for hsaputra

SystemML Podling += nakul02

SystemML Podling += gweidner

Add access for Griffin initial committers.

remove incubator-site ldap group. Has only one member, whom has access anyway viz another group

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remove db-site ldap group; it isnt used.

Remove Stratos ldap groups from auth, enable attic-pmc. INFRA-13511

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