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wave is retired. INFRA-15922

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-=security-pmc (not used)

Drop tac-pmc (not used)

Revert "Adding Ace to attic"

This reverts commit cb42e355c9aa5c0c492f541616f05e8b2e97ab3b.

Adding Ace to attic

Adding Ace to attic

remove non existant ea

remove extra reference to ea auth group

PR#792 broke it

graduate datafu

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Prepare james/hupa for gitbox conversion - INFRA-15699

INFRA-15993 retire ace

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Fixing things

Make VCL rw

More of Apache Directory moved to Git, make these area r/o. INFRA-15446

Add royale auth from LDAP for purposes of a PMC area in svn. INFRA-15461

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INFRA-15434 - make trnk,tags,branches only r/o

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cml/INFRA-15253' into deployment

fix auth so svnadmins can still write to git migrated repos in order to add a pointer/flag file 'MOVED_TO_GIT'

sling svn read only, they moved to git

switch svn repos to read-only for INFRA-15253

open up bigdata/opennlp repo for opennlp

INFRA-15319 make vcl svn RO

INFRA-15189 make sling/site readonly

retire mrql resources per INFRA-15120

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Merge pull request #432 from deki/myfaces-trinidad-ro

INFRA-14883 mark myfaces/trinidad as readonly

Add missing slash - props Gav...

INFRA-15083 - grant temp access to HC branch

mark myfaces/trinidad as readonly. moved to gitbox.

mark myfaces/tobago as read-only.

has moved to gitbox.

missing leading /

Signed-off-by: gmcdonald <>