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INFRA-18464 - allow hermes to update audit files

OF: removing edgent project per INFRA-19441

Update pit-authorization-template

add gris to financials/Bills/


make svn area RO for git migration

OF: made synapse/* (sans /site) ro. left site rw.

tweak perms, only trunk, branches and tags are to be r/o

OF: Modified the openwhisk group def and svn auth definition

repository has moved and the project graduated.

add Kenneth so he can publish www

Moving AOO to read-only for code, keep site read/write

OF: OWB stil need cms access on svn

remove unused auth group

Drop additional nonPMC project groups

henkp => humbedooh for meta data

Merge pull request #1607 from sebbASF/INFRA-18315

INFRA-18315 - use LDAP project for security auth

moving to gitbox INFRA-18351

remove bcc to defunct ea@apache address

INFRA-18315 - use LDAP project for security auth

restrict access to Ant PMC private svn


make jmeter svn read-only per INFRA-18499 transition to git

Check for unexpected PMC auth

fix permissions for /pmc private areas

Fix RE syntax error; show more unused items

add weex rule for mail so incubator doesnt get them

private svn area for weex

Tidy docn

Allow tidy up of jexl and weaver

remove additional useless blocks

per gstein

moin-role rw to the moin wiki area

Add netbeans LDAP group and /pmc/netbeans auth