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re-org files dir , move recurse directory to another sub-dir so we can add non recurse content that ends up elsewhere on disk. Add script to populate conf files from templates.

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tweak, center

add option for importing full history of moin pages

re-org. Add some more checks. call script to insert variables via template. call script to update moin wiki data before starting conversion. other tweaks

OF: tweak css

OF: Add moin logo

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of: change back to point to our current docs. INFRA-17012

verify that a cwiki space exists before allowing the form to proceed

compile coffee

Add check to make sure that a cwiki space does exist

rework, simplify, use shell for sh scripts


syntax, typo

Add start of moin wiki migration selfserve tooling

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OF: Add a note that being moderator does not equal being subscribed

OF: We use Slack now, not hipchat

OF: Using MD now

OF: We're slacking now

remove HipChat integration, add Slack integration

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removing email lookup in JIRA

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updating link on selfserve to point to gitbox

remove pono from auth files

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OF: add infra here toooo

OF: add special "tlp", infra

git-wip EOL'ed, use gitbox.

OF: one more, fixing my name

OF: fixing up the digest check

OF syntax on syntax

OF: syntax

no digest in list names