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OF: fixing a space

try to kill , but fail graciously if process went away already

can be None or 'email' for email notifs

OF: typo

OF: Only send email if triggered by non-muted trigger, tweak subject

OF - per humbedooh

OF per humbedooh

Merge KIF alerts into a single email, remove hipchat

Gonna add slack later...

Update KIF from upstream

Adds gstein's fixups and a better process screening for zombies

Update KIF, set no notify for loggy stuff.

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Merge pull request #265 from apache/gs/better-hipchat



Trim the noisy hipchat messages.


kif updates + set notify to true for hipchat

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bring kif up to date with source

use psutil for getting proc list

this should make it work on fbsd also

tweak logic a bit

allow checking against a pid file for vital procs

fix kill-list

- make it a hash

- allow for a 'killwith' signal handler

bunch of updates

- commentry

- add uid search for finding procs

- add a maxage config feature

- add a kill switch

- add an ignore feature for weeding out essential apps

tweak logging so loggy can recognize this

Initial stab at Kif.

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