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change to dedicated #asfjira channel

OF: Add slackclient lib for py3

OF: disregard older changes

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Remove unnecessary "notification enabled" notification

OF: removing Cassandra main channel from the bridge

Enabling slack jira bridge for Cassandra

OF: Only run JIRA scan every 2 loops

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    • +41
OF: better bot check

OF: import re, fix typo

OF: copypasto

OF: Add jira auto-linker to slack bot

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    • +71
Corrected an issue where a \t was used instead of \s{8}.

INFRA-18055 Added jira notifications for the NEMO project to ASF slack channel #nemo-notifications

OF: fake empty list if JIRA fails to respond.

OF: refresh service on file changes

OF: this is a number

Add multichannel support for slack bridge

take two, forgot the manifest update.

Update slack bridge, make use of config file for multichannel

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OF: add a calling card, cosmetic change.

OF: forgot to declare vars

OF: fix typos, no functional change

move interpolations to the top

Add a simple JIRA-To-Slack bridge on the jira box

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