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Add JDK 14 support

adding gpg4win to path

Add toolchain and windows node config links for JDK 12 and 13

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update jenkins version. tweak onlyif in case root.war hasnt deployed root yet

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when deploying tomcat, remove its default root and war files otherwise jenkins wont deploy its own.

[INFRA-17238] - PATH environment variable on Windows contains control character 0x0A (LF) - Joined the lines into a single one.

OF: fixing up the windows nodes

adding TEMP and TMP to Windows Jenkins node env var

reduce from 31 days to 15 days for cleaning jenkins jobs

change jenkins cleanup script to run daily

adding percent sign to PATH env var

* - we dont have symlink to /home/jenkins any more, use /x1/jenkins directly

* - We have changed jenkins hosts s/1/2 * - Tweak script to: * - use find internal -delete instead of calling an an exec * - reduce threshold from 85% to 80% * - use find internal not instead of calling prune

temporary hack for fixing jenkins box

update system file to increase FD limit


scoping inside a define


iterate and populate each win node

Add jenkins template file for windows nodes config

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use another method for ignoring git and svn

syntax, add continuation slash. Remove prune, we are already using -delete

Relax square brackets in uris for tomcat, as a result of INFRA-16760.

update cull to exclude .svn and .git

this may prevent inadvertent repo corruption if the .git artifacts are

old without requiring a full workspace purge

Tweaks. Ensure script runs on multiple file systems. Move some vars to be local to the remote login.

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OF: switch back tp prod list


Add scripts to cron

OF: keyboards suck

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OF: typo, clarify message

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