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OF: singa graduated

OF: Adding TVM

removing edgent and zipkin

Removed gitwcsub config for retired podling amaterasu

of: switch to gitpubsub for jmeter site. INFRA-19387

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OF: removed infra-test from gitwcsub

OF: pull nifi from pubsub

nifi is on gitbox

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OF: Remove mxnet-test repo sub (INFRA-19122)

Revert gitwcsub tracking branch for to asf-site

If payload has 'autopublish: true', ignore it for gitwcsub

OF: changing arrow-site branch per INFRA-18914

INFRA-18906: publish camel-website to root

This publishes the content of `asf-git` branch in the `camel-website`

gitbox repository to (it used to publish to and disables the publish from SVN.

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Added master branch to the singa definitioni

OF: INFRA-18857 moved singa from svnwcsub to gitwcsub

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OF: corrected gitwcsub post repo rename

OF: re-added infra-test


OF: use the website repo for pubsub

OF: Switch milagro to gitwcsub

OF: ATS moving to gitpubsub

OF: adding incubator-datasketches

OF: updated gitwcsub for dubbo tlp graduation

OF: correcting github repo name for pagespeed.a.o

OF: adding pagespeed.a.o

adding training.a.o to gitpubsub

OF: INFRA-18234 plc4x-website

OF: INFRA-18287

fix gitwcsub repo path

Removed activemq-website from svnwcsub Added activemq-website to gitwcsub

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