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okay really the last: fix sendmail args

one last obvious fix in emailing

another obvious fix

fix buggos

- don't run into a key error

- sort projects by name

- make podling checkbox auto-update

- if root, fetch ALL projects

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tweaks to allow infra-root to set up any repo on gitbox

when root, all projects (including podlings) will be listed as options.

tick the 'is podling' checkbox when creating podling repos!

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buggo, obvious fix

Automate gitbox self-serve more, have it work with podlings

- PPMCs can now create new repos if $uid is on the PPMC

- Eligible gitbox projects are auto-scanned, no need for hardcoding

- Also, make sure that $uid actually has rights to create a repo.

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check in for gitbox self-serve repo creator

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