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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
Set default contact to git commit list

OF: print exception to stdout

OF: fix interpolation

OF: Force dictionary

OF: Linting

OF: simplify loop (don't need v)

OF: oop

OF: specify exception type

Throw exception if failure at runtime, just return normally in validation.

OF: Forgot to interpolate

catch here, we want a boolean return value

Tie in asfyaml lib, check for features

also define a default email path for now.

OF: Redirect stderr to dev-null so as to not confuse committers

we don't need people to get a 'fatal!' error when no .asf.yaml is found...

OF: split with no limits, fail if not 3 elements

OF: fix email

OF: fix sys reference, strip line, parens on print

OF: Fix imports


Add hook for .asf.yaml parsing

This is just a test for now, tests the presence and contents of .asf.yaml, borks if it can't parse it. if not present or empty, ignore the repo for now.