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OF: Add auth back for the website template repo (comdev, UCB)

OF: hardwire infra repos since not a standard TLP

OF: make it work for all hbase repos, in fact..

OF: Add HBase push hook

OF: Add GHPRB back in for now, let's see what happens

OF: Requires formdata format, not json

OF: quote this or bork

OF: Bad indentation!

OF: Reroute PRs through relay

Add Hadoop and brooklyn-dist


it turns out is hooped, and while

it accepted PRs, it did nothing with them. Changing the hook URL to seems to have solved the


limit to single repo

test switch to json

OF: This works as JSON, not sure when, change

OF: Add skywalking GHPRB

adding new folks to various other places

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adding all commons repos to auth.cfg INFRA-17724

OF: Empire-DB needs special perms due to dash

add RTD hook for airavata

enable sling webhooks for jenkins

Add sling webhooks for Jenkins

Add a github webhook relay for projects

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OF: add remaining UCB commons repos for migration

OF: Move auth from git-wip, sync gitadmins

remove pono from auth files

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add boilerplate auth cfg

add boilerplate auth cfg

fix path

fix path

add standard git conf templates

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