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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
OF: Add anchors for projects

OF: Add a txt file with active public repos in it

OF: Mark archived repos as archived

OF: Scrap a bunch of things, use os.stat for quick checks of last commit

OF: Tweak path for repo for cloning, preserve for other actions



Add commit count history fetching

this will be used for some statistics on the front page

Add a json file with stats, for later use

sort without .git extension, add later

sort repos in static list

Default to project raw name, cased.

should improve things for Apachecon etc

add a logo

tweak generated doc

initial stab at a script for making a static index

this generates a static representation of all the repos

on gitbox. should probably be run once a minute or such,

but we can also run it less often.

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