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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
Implement stricter rules on github PR whitelist

OF: Only ever apply if on master branch, as per other settings

Added builder to asfyaml

I removed jekyll and pelican in favor of asfbuilder.

infra-p6/modules/buildbot_asf/files/ handles:

- jekyll

- pelican

- manual command entry (via list of SIMPLE commands)

OF: Log something we know!

OF: ensure writeability

log whitelist allowances

If whitelist exists, check it for allowed users..

Put files in sub-dir

Add GHPRB whitelist feature for Jenkins PR builds from safe non-committers on GitHub

Updated asfyaml to have a jekyll function

Added a jekyll option for asfyaml

Added a jekyll feature to asfyaml. still testing

OF: enable builds on comments

OF: fix user check

OF: tweakos

OF: Add in comment handling for PRs

OF: Add in node_id in all places, let it be optional

This fixes regressions from #1664

OF: Further speed optimizations

OF: Optimize git hook run - cfg.no_merges should only be checked once here.

OF: Put a pin in it

Merge pull request #1443 from apache/gs/change_type

clarify change_type

INFRA-19502 - remove skywalking PR builds

OF: not needed (hardcoded into multimail)

OF: This isn't needed any longer, and confuses git

OF: fix key

Hardcode default browse url

Add multimailhook here as well

OF: Add web URL for commit browsing

get notify list from yaml

Add notifier email for build failure/success