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OF: Typo on git.a.o


Reword, emphasize that git mirrors are being migrated

also emphasize that git.a.o should NOT be considered canonical for git copies.

don't run updated on gitbox repos

don't show repos that are on disk but have been moved to gitbox

Auto lint check and fix

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Auto lint check and fix

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Propose quick fix pylint/typos

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standardize the log directory for git1-us-east on /x1/log (where loggy looks by default)

fix URL

fix auth issues

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fix up URL for graduating

add graduate-podling to git.a.o as well

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Update infra list to direct queries to

Mention Gitbox, and expand the writable git details a little bit

update checks to 140 chars, remove 80 char checks. Remove dupe source block check

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update copyrights to 2017

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Fix JSON breakage (fields need names), and use the git:// URL.

Create a new file 'github-sync.json' for GitHub to use (rather than scraping HTML) for the mirror/synchronization process.

added viewvc link to Subversion entries

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moved origin repo link (git or svn) in dedicated first column

added index.txt to generated files

added anchor for each repo

Allow for svn mirror site also. INFRA-12882

Use the actual Subversion logo for the icon.


(resized and contrast enhanced)

found the missing c

fix redirection

add rootbin_asf requirement

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add script and cron for checking stale git connections

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