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correct an IP matcher regex

Ruby doesn't need escapes on the dots. Narrow the | operator. Switch from \d to [0-9] like the others.

need to look at eno1 iface for yahoo boxes

OF: fixing some tagging

OF: fixing up a tag in DD

adding external IP to DD tags for easier searching

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OF: fixing some DD tags

changing http request to follow redirects

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OF: dc tagging needed a tweak

Change back to jenkins-external. This is a revert of a commit october 1st 2018 where these were made internal. We have Beam folks with accounts on these boxes. As a side effect of that change also, kubectl which gets installed only on external nodes, was no longer being installed, but is required by Beam. See INFRA-17713

Update customfact.rb

updating lucene eyamls

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adding lucene to customfact

add old named nodes to jenkins role

beam jenkins nodes are fully managed

actually change the regex

extend jenkins role regex to default GCE names for beam nodes

Add openwhisk machines as jenkins nodes

removing the need for DNS, should get local external IP

OF for another typo, changed var name

OF for typo in org name

Autotaging host in datadog based on external IP

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changed role to include new TLP box

reverting module change

Copying customfacts to the Windows environment. Removed jenkins-win from customfact in Linux land. Removed config in Windows environment.conf that used Linux land modules.

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ruby like this better

Support for external jenkins nodes

Enable windows nodes to be consolidated to one

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Testing jenkins.yaml to reduce many yamls to one

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