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OF: sync with p6

OF: Refactor inlist() to curb the slowdown

OF: Switch to getfqdn for better hostname resolution

OF: sync with p6

OF: We can probably run with a 30 sec refresh rate

OF: Use the appropriate chain, if applicable

OF: Make pips optional for blocky

OF: lower interval count a tad (also trigger refresh of services)

OF: increase upload frequency

OF: Sync with p6

OF: fix indenting

OF: Bring in updates from upstream

OF: Switch to modern blocky API

Add IPv6 support, tweaks as per greg (version 2), fix stripping

OF: getting my ips sorted out

OF: don't need to strip() anymore

weave in suggestions and improvements

we don't care about RequestException, but we do care about others


Add IPv6 to blocky2, tweak some things as per greg

OF: adding .py to the blocky pid file because for some reason it that's missing

OF: no /0s!

OF: rm is in /bin/

OF: Kill off old blocky1 processes

now with better spacing

changing the cronjob to absent

don't need this

Replace blocky/1 with blocky/2 on all p3 boxes

reverse typo