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get notify list from yaml

Add notifier email for build failure/success

create a password file for use with ldap script.


OF: Locate file path (it could be in private)

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Added cron job to the init manifest

Added some error checking to

Clean up stale files (more than a week old) as per INFRA-19375

OF: Switch to getfqdn for better resolution

OF: Switch to getfqdn for better hostname resolution

Added deployment to ldapserver module

OF: Added kudu to asf svn and git services.

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Added script.

I've tested this on home.a.o by manually providing the password for

genmeta-rw. it does in fact delete and then re-generate the ou=meta.

I had to modify the ldapdelete from the original process that @fluxo

provided as a beginning resource to be recursive, which removed the

ou=meta object.

I placed ou=meta creation directives in the resultant ldif file to

revert the recursive delete, otherwise all cn creations failed due to

invalid dn for the target ou.

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Removed gitwcsub config for retired podling amaterasu

OF: typo

Weave in download stats where possible

OF: switch to py3

Only add to dict if key is not empty

Fix ordering, nix the first row

Use OrderedDict for sorting

We don't really want an array of dictionaries, so let's use ordered dicts to get an ordered representation.

OF: cleaning up DD tags

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change wording

OF: Added VM locations

OF: Organization changes

OF: Reorganized BB2.4.0 link and added some description for clarity

OF: tightened up some HTML / linebreak issues

Added a buildbot 2.4.0 section under buildbot

I removed some of the buildbot hosts that no longer exist as they were

documented as well as providing links to the new system.

OF: wordsmithing

OF: Add a note about please following the rules before contacting us

OF: point to handler

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