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adding jdk15 ea13 to the Windows nodes INFRA-19671

bumping cmake to 3.16.2

[INFRA-18990] Install Maven 3.6.2 on Jenkins

reverting change of autocrlf as per INFRA-18763

Adding JDK13ea30 and JDK14ea6 to the Windows nodes

OF: adding jenkins user to RDP group

changing autocrlf to input INFRA-18383

fixing typo

Adding Graphviz to Jenkins Windows nodes INFRA-18345

OF: updating maven on the Windows Jenkins nodes

Add Maven 3.6.1


Especially is interesting, it'll speed up downloads and uploads a lot

yet another formatting fix

fixing a directory that I had incomplete and reformatting the line

adding gpg4win to windows nodes INFRA-18014

adding latest JDK 12 and 13 versions to Windows build nodes

adding geckodriver 0.18.0 and 0.23.0 to the Jenkins Windows nodes

adding Maven 3.6.0 to Jenkins Windows nodes INFRA-17706

adding JDK12_ea28 to the Jenkins Windows nodes

OF: package resource is super specific about version numbers

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Fixing the DD installer to a specific version

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adding JDK12 ea27 and JDK13 ea3 to the Jenkins Windows nodes INFRA-17384

changing the timing from 15 mins to 60 mins.

adding jdk11-ea+28 to the Windows nodes for INFRA-16952

OF for Windows CMD path

setting java_home to java\latest

OF: fixing symlink for forrest

Moving install files, fixing busted symlinks and busted symlink updating

Add Maven 3.5.4 , Ant 1.10.5 , Ant 1.9.13, JDK 11 ea+23 to Windows build nodes

OF: found missing }

OF: fixing typo