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crowd is moved to EC2-VA

  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
fix silly rotate rule

tweaks, add missing required perl packages, fix perms, change/add some httpd config options.

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remove xml2enc since its in 3rdparty/apache

Added RequestHeader unset Accept-Encoding to the vhost for donate.a.o

lets try enabling it this way. INFRA-14301

Enable xml2enc module. INFRA-14301

enable ssl proxying

yaml for donate.a.o...sigh

add kif to more nodes

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switch to ajp backend and fix proxy URL

obvious fix: hiera interpolation missing %

obvious fix: hiera interpolation brackets missing

rewrite / to the app

remove issues-test block from proxy as it's now provisioned directly from teh test VM

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/cml/jiratest-as' into deployment

fix regex to only map to /jira/ URLs

exclude the jira admin section from anti-spam techniques to allow for importing json without accidentally hitting the anti-spam measures

obvious fix: tabs -> spaces

temporarily comment out spam filter for json import testing

rename idm01 to crowd, remove references to local httpd on crowd, and move to proxy1-lw-us instead (to allow for a private IP on crowd-vm.) update database parameters for new VM.

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blogs.a.o is at new home now. Commit direct to deployment as service is down for upgrade/move/maintenance. And its like new year

add vhost for roller2

add proxy1-lw-eu and move communitysurvey there

add ldap module

/ in wrong location

need docroot

force https

correct redirect

use ldap for auth