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make sasl bans less aggressive

people will be hitting mail-relay trying to configure their clients to

use it as an smtp server, and incorrect configs cause bans too quickly


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mailrelay cleanup

remove unused/nonexistent hosts (lw-eu, decommed/replaced mail-relay)

add all subnets and hosts that were in mailrelay1-us-west's local mynetworks file

to the central relay config (excluding non-existent hosts)

remove extraneous eyaml for mynetworks in favor of the central


bring mailrelay1-us-west(pnap) in line with all other relay hosts. this

should probably be converted into a role in the future.

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enable sasl fail2ban filter

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switch to use mynetworks file.

remove deprecated eyaml since mynetworks is now centralized

in common.eyaml

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add new mailrelay hosts to replace osu mail-relay

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