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Add redirects for git.a.o -> github

OF: query string restrictions

Added an additional layer to alias match exclude

humbedooh had an xss regex in aliasmatch that didn't match beyond the

first slash. I added an optional match second segment.

Revert "RE: Security@a.o email regarding xss on gitbox"

RE: Security@a.o email regarding xss on gitbox

humbedooh pushed a regex the other day that blocked all '<|>' inbound in

urls. I expanded that to .?*'<|>' so that it would catch the /asf?p= in

the expanded url.

OF: tweak aliasmatch

OF: redirect from git-wip to gitbox

OF: Add in gitbox sync daemon

OF: Allow htaccess for gitweb for temporary tweaks

Add rate limiter to gitbox

OF: No reason to keep this insanely low now

OF: Force mod_perl

adding kif to gitbox

OF: Increase timeout

Attempt to make newrepo PMC members only

OF: Increase timeout to accommodate gitbox migration automation

zmanda migration

delete deprecated crius yaml

remove zmanda from fisheye (no backups needed)

remove zmanda from git1-us-east (git mirrors, no backups needed)

remove zmanda and add rsync_asf instead for gitbox

update rsync_asf to self-include stunnel_asf as dependency

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just redirecting from selfserve to gitbox

redirecting create git repo to gitbox

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OF: These can't run this often, we're running out of tokens.

OF: fix too lenient auth block, use the right config.

add private area for private git repos

access for infra only for now. we'll tweak as needed.

Less frequent cronjobs till we fix rate limiting (+ lint fix)

rotate grouper.log

Add resync page for easy booping of repos (for github+wcsub)

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Remove IP addresses for mergebot-vm due to decommission

Signed-off-by: Jason Kuster <>

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old school TLS for gitbox for now

add mergebot-vm2 to allow list for ghmap


redirect to static page