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adding blocky to buildbot-vm2

complete buildbot-vm2 migration

remove old buildbot-vm config

remove old buildbot databases

rename bb_pip_asf module to buildbot_asf for integrity

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bb-vm2 upgrade

expand rsync module to allow copying of build history

remove pnap pinned host entry for ci.a.o

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OF: path error

OF: rsync module name copypasta error

OF: remove rsync_asf

temp remove rsync_asf as it is incompatible with the rsync backup

declaration of .pw-abi in mysql_asf::backup


add rsync targets for syncing buildbot-vm2 from buildbot-vm, add rsync

targets on bai for daily backups.

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switch bb-vm2 to use the new pip code


add a create_resources call for apt::sources

add apt::sources for trusty in order to install mysql-server-5.6

add standalone config for mysql server to run mysal5.6 (required by

buildbot 0.8)

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bring up 16.04 bb master. update module to not force vivid packages

(which no longer exist.) pin package to current BB version as

distributed by xenial. copies the yaml from the original bb master.

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