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OF: Added encrypted password for LDAP user

Added genmeta_rw_pw to the ldapserver that will have the script deployed to it.

fix recrypt

recrypt for drew/john

updated IP and password for cwiki_test DB

OF: recrypt for john

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add photo site

removing host entry for svn cause it's no longer in the same datacenter

OF: removing infra-test

OF: recrypting for John

utilize available system ram

bump memory alloc for jenkins jvm

Bump Tomcat 9.0.14 -> 9.0.26

bump Jenkins version 2.150.1 -> 2.190.1

OF: Change allow range, hermes IP somehow changed.

Add redirects for git.a.o -> github

fix backuplist

OF: Removed couchdb due to infra-p6 migration

OF: removing stageD testing

OF: Removed bb-slave10 from buildbot 0.8

OF: Added bb-slave10 password to buildbot-vm2

OF: reencrypting buildbot-vm2

OF: bumped ruby

jekyll install failed due to ruby version.

bumped from 2.3.1 to 2.4.6

bump ruby

OF: recrypt

backport config items to older version of bpc module

use p3 syntax for vhosts

install backuppc module, server config

temporary installation of backuppc on backup02-he-de until puppet3 is

retired. this will enable automated backups of puppet3 servers

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crowd is moved to EC2-VA

purge previously absented configs

set ensure => absent for deprecated users/dbs