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OF: fix accidental rermoval

Update mynetworks (add photo site)

adding myself to mail relay just for some testing

OF: added jira-he-de to mail relay and removed LW EU subnet

adding additional cert to chain

add replacement ssl certs

add tools-vm-he

OF: INFRA-18608 - add cfp system as sender

clean up some certnames

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change names for certs to match URL

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new certificate

add lw internal ip for newhermes to allow list

Add mbox-vm

Add new^3 hermes

OF: recrypting common.eyaml, Gav couldn't decrypt

test reencrypts

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test re-encrypt for johna

mailrelay cleanup

remove unused/nonexistent hosts (lw-eu, decommed/replaced mail-relay)

add all subnets and hosts that were in mailrelay1-us-west's local mynetworks file

to the central relay config (excluding non-existent hosts)

remove extraneous eyaml for mynetworks in favor of the central


bring mailrelay1-us-west(pnap) in line with all other relay hosts. this

should probably be converted into a role in the future.

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updating mail relay for cwiki-vm5 and temp removing John and Drew from eyaml recipients

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OF: fix whimsy mail relay

OF - INFRA-16763

Add mirror-vm to the proper relay list and turn on TLS to see if we can

avoid strange routing issue.

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mail routing for ooo

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Renew ao WC

OF: re-encrypting after re-encrypting incorrectly

updating loggy

OF: patching and updates

add jenkins02 ip to relay list

add jenkins01 relay host

move sync pass to common

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allow netbeans-vm to relay mail

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