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remove unused host

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using pipestatus to get status of the backup

Merge pull request #1561 from apache/cml/concat

try bumping concat version

try bumping concat version

this is an attempt to fix a strange metadata issue with the concat


Merge pull request #1560 from apache/humbedooh/gitbox_syncer

Initial check-in of gitbox-syncer daemon

Initial check-in of gitbox-syncer daemon

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changing to any error

adding some error checking to the backup scripts

OF: add mysql2-ec2-va rsync block

Added checking for a pre-existing repo with the requested destination name

tweaks, string not bool

picky py

of: syntax

www-data needs to write to these 2 files

Merge pull request #1558 from apache/cml/gstein-cleanup

good simplification.

remove additional useless blocks

per gstein

Merge pull request #1557 from apache/christ/INFRA-18345

Adding Graphviz to Jenkins Windows nodes INFRA-18345

fixing typo

Adding Graphviz to Jenkins Windows nodes INFRA-18345

OF: Where did uptime go, hm

OF: correcting github repo name for pagespeed.a.o

OF: adding pagespeed.a.o

OF: Changed 'write' to 'push' for permission value

OF: added an else to catch newname if supplied.

Fixups for TAC


move the space list update to the end of the space creation script

update spaces list before migration begins

Merge pull request #1556 from apache/dfoulks/INFRA-18367

Updated refs to $latest ant to ant 1.10.6