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Merge pull request #1110 from apache/christ/DD_tag_jenkins_nodes

adding monitoring tags to Jenkins nodes

adding monitoring tags to Jenkins nodes

Moving install files, fixing busted symlinks and busted symlink updating

Merge pull request #1108 from apache/humbedooh/no-git-wip

git-wip EOL'ed, use gitbox.

git-wip EOL'ed, use gitbox.

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Merge pull request #1107 from apache/cml/INFRA-16792

INFRA-16792 - make tcl/rivet read-only

INFRA-16792 - make tcl/rivet read-only

remove default pvm module from Ofbiz, they dont need Tomcat etc

Merge pull request #1106 from sebbASF/INFRA-16653

Allow updates of test branch

Add bintray packaged OpenJDK 10

Allow updates of test branch

update cull to exclude .svn and .git

this may prevent inadvertent repo corruption if the .git artifacts are

old without requiring a full workspace purge

Add Maven 3.5.4 , Ant 1.10.5 , Ant 1.9.13, JDK 11 ea+23 to Windows build nodes

quick fix clamd deprecated options

moving flink-web to gitbox

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gm/ant-latest' into deployment

Merge pull request #1071 from sebbASF/INFRA-16691

INFRA-16691 - Provide name as parameter

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Merge pull request #1019 from sebbASF/INFRA-16511

INFRA-16511 Use unqualified host for Attic header

update toolchains to include latest11

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Add latest Ant versions 1.9.13 and 1.10.5

Tweaks. Ensure script runs on multiple file systems. Move some vars to be local to the remote login.

OF: switch back tp prod list

trailing commas last line of arrays

reorg, devide array into seperate lines

merge conflict

Add Maven 3.5.4

Add jdk 11 pre release 22

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gm/unused-yaml' into deployment

remove unused (e)yamls

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