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OF: Livy moved to gitbox

OF: Whimsy moved to gitbox

OF: We use Slack now, not hipchat

OF: Using MD now

OF: We're slacking now

OF: Crail moved to gitbox

OF: INFRA-17569 (moved to gitbox)

Merge pull request #1288 from danielshahaf/svnqavm/add-cronjobs-1

INFRA-17538: Add cron jobs to svn-qavm3


usergrid -> gitbox


move celix to gitwcsub

svnqavm_pvm_asf: Import the new cron job.

While here, add a comment.

svnqavm_pvm_asf: Import a cronjob from the live crontab

The only change is s/svn/${SVN}/. Currently, 'svn' is /usr/bin/svn is 1.8

while ${SVN} is /usr/local/svn-current/bin/svn is 1.11; the mix probably works

because those two versions use the same wc format.

of: missed a setting

change source for cwiki-test

OF: tamaya -> gitbox

Add Marvin to gitwcsub

OF: AirFlow graduated and moved to gitbox

OF: Spot moved to gitbox

OF: Freemarker moved to gitbox

OF: more linting


OF: fix what I broke

OF: kajigger tools-vm2's default vhost to display generic uptime stats

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Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/gm/selfserve-hipchat2slack' into deployment

space needed

Merge pull request #1287 from apache/gm/selfserve-hipchat2slack

remove HipChat integration, add Slack integration

remove HipChat integration, add Slack integration

OF: needs an instance name, methinks

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OF: needs ldap authz

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OF: needs this mod enabled.

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