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Constraints: committers
Constraints: files
Constraints: dates
Use boolean values for asf_internal declaration

drop common-auth from sudo

removing uneeded iburst from servers

Set ntp servers, restrict and listen loopback

I have tested this configuration on a remote vm and the open ntp

project's commands to test if you are vulnerable to an ntp bsed

ddo attack do not return any values (which is the expected resul)

Add puppetlabs ntp module

changed something

missing trailing comma

move to using a forked copy of postfix to allow for customisations


testing hipchat integration from a buildbot build

have postfix use the new combined ssl cert

testing hipchat

correct file name

Add support for a combined cert file that contains both the cert and chain, as postfix only reads one file.




Fix syntax_check script so it doesn't try and read git submodules

no .gitmodules

test commit for gavin

test commit for gavin

fixing cert name in postfix config

update permissions on syntax_check

getting closer

more whitespace

whitespace test to trigger buildbot hook

fixed transposed ext.conf in dovecot template