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OF: revert, declared elsewhere

OF: Ensure pip packages are there for .asf.yaml hooks

Refactor and restrict

- Only allow github meta data settings in master branch

-Return directly from check if no change found

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    • +31
OF: Corrected a list syntax issue for rvm on bb-slave2

OF: simple test of github labels

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    • +8
OF: fix interpolation

OF: unshadow

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    • +2
Merge pull request #1641 from apache/humbedooh/asfyaml-github

Add GitHub meta-data editor feature to .asf.yaml files

ignore if not master or asf-site

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    • +4

    • -1
    • +1
Add GitHub meta-data editor feature to .asf.yaml files

    • -1
    • +37
OF: add publish test tweak from p6

Add python-pip3 puppet pkg

OF: Sigh, fall back to exec - pip3 enoworky well on p3

OF: Fall back to basic puppet pip installs

OF: different name in p3

Test stageD deployment on p3..

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    • +1
Merge pull request #1640 from apache/humbedooh/staged-p3

Add stageD to puppet 3

Add stageD to puppet 3

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    • +161
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    • +63
OF: query string restrictions

Merge pull request #1639 from apache/humbedooh/gitwcsub-asfyaml

Detect .asf.yaml publishing feature in repo, suspend gitwcsub if found

Detect .asf.yaml publishing feature in repos, suspend gitwcsub if found.

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    • +24
If payload has 'autopublish: true', ignore it for gitwcsub

    • -2
    • +5
Add publish feature, also allow for domain name mapping

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    • +43
Merge pull request #1603 from apache/johna/INFRA-18505

machine rebuilt and moved to p6

Merge pull request #1634 from apache/christ/whimsy_blocky

adding blocky to whimsy


make svn area RO for git migration

Merge pull request #1635 from FSchumacher/jmeter-nightly-correct-links

Correct links for JMeter nightlies

Add a whoami feature for branch-protecting staged profiles

also strip refs/heads/ from ref names, don't need it

    • -1
    • +6
Merge pull request #1638 from apache/dfoulks/gitbox-xss-fix

Added an additional layer to alias match exclude