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test update_ca

module to push a new puppet CA cert

only applies to puppet3

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update script to not error on "files vanished"

large filesystem backups often end up with "files have vanished" errors.

this update prevents those messages from triggering the backup failure


Merge pull request #1575 from sebbASF/fix-error

Fix RE syntax error; show more unused items

Merge pull request #1584 from bodewig/ant-pmc-private-svn

restrict access to Ant PMC private svn

Add JDK 14 support

Merge pull request #1587 from apache/gm/openjdk14-1

Add openjdk 14 support

Add openjdk 14 support

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Add openjdk 14 support

retain fewer days (ran out of space)

OF: Tweak css for archived repos

OF: Mark archived repos as archived

Merge pull request #1586 from apache/gm/openjdk13-25

Add openjdk13 build ea 25

Add openjdk13 build ea 25

new ip for svn test

OF: fixing up a tag in DD

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add svn01-us-east for sync

put brace back

remove the hourly delete, it isnt needed, the triggered project sync will work. Remove --delete from the project script.

INFRA-18315 - use LDAP project for security auth

OF: ATS moving to gitpubsub

OF: ATS moving to gitpubsub

OF: Use the appropriate chain, if applicable


Merge pull request #1585 from apache/gm/openjdk13-23

add latest openjdk13 ea 23

add latest openjdk13 ea 23

add excludelist

OF: INFRA-18608 - add cfp system as sender

OF: Remove bad invites from list, so they get invited later

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it turns out is hooped, and while

it accepted PRs, it did nothing with them. Changing the hook URL to seems to have solved the


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